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Home Coffee Co.

Electric Milk Frother - Lattes, Hot Chocolate, Milkshakes & Cold Brew | All Milk Types

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The Home Coffee Co. electric milk frother, creates the best froth for your coffee, hot chocolate, and even a delightful milkshake. Our milk frother is your ultimate companion for all the milk-based beverages you love.

The heart of any milk frother lies in its ability to create a perfect foam. With its sturdy design and intelligent features, our electric milk frother offers the creamiest and thickest foam. Whether you're aiming for a latte, cappuccino, or a classic hot chocolate, the frother's powerful performance can create barista-quality froth in just a minute.

4-in-1 Design for the Perfect Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Milkshake or Cold Brew

  • Double-wall design and anti-scalding rubber pad allows you to use each of the 4 modes with true peace of mind
  • Can froth 120ml of foam or heat 250ml of milk, giving you everything you need for barista quality coffee
  • The clever 4-in-1 design introduces you to a hot dense foam, hot airy foam, hot milk, and cold froth. Simply turn it on, heat to 65+/-5℃, and enjoy
  • Ultra-quiet design takes just two minutes to do the job thanks to the intuitive one-touch button design and then automatically switches off when finished
  • Stainless steel inner comes with an easy-clean, non-stick coating, while a trio of suction cups keeps it right where it needs to be
  • Includes free coffee bag samples

What Can You Make with our Milk Frother?

Our electric milk frother is not just for coffee. From creamy lattes and frothy cappuccinos to a comforting cup of hot chocolate, this versatile kitchen gadget can froth milk for a cold brew or heat milk for a cosy hot beverage. Even chilled, frothy milkshakes are on the menu with this all-rounder addition to your kitchen appliances.

The Perfect Companion for Coffee Brew Bags & Espresso Machines

Whether you're a passionate home barista with your own espresso machine or a lover of our flavourful coffee bags, our electric milk frother is the ultimate companion to enhance your coffee experience.

Can You Froth Different Types of Milk?

Absolutely. Whether it's whole milk, oat milk, or non-dairy milk like almond milk, our milk frother can handle it all. The froth quality remains consistently excellent, providing a delightful milk texture regardless of the type of milk.

      Home Coffee Co. Electric Hot Milk Frother
      Electric Hot Milk Frother with Coffee Bags
      Electric Milk Frother - Lattes, Hot Chocolate, Milkshakes & Cold Brew | All Milk Types
      Electric Milk Frother - Lattes, Hot Chocolate, Milkshakes & Cold Brew | All Milk Types
      Home Coffee Co. Inside Electric Hot Milk Frother
      Milk Frother with Coffee Bags